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  • Performance Characteristics

    A mono perc solar panel is one of the most innovative devices for capturing solar energy. The latest technology in designing these solar panels boosts their energy efficiency between 22% to 25%. 

    They are suitable for harnessing energy even in low light or cloudy weather and justify the high capital expenditure. Moreover, fewer numbers of mono perc solar panels can achieve the required energy production. 

    The following points elucidate the efficiency of a mono perc solar panel:
     Exceptional performance under high temperature and low-light conditions.
    Provides enhanced energy density per square foot than conventional panels. 
    The reflection of unabsorbed light back into the solar cell increases light absorption.
    The anti-reflective coating further enhances efficiency and captures more light.

  • Performance Characteristics

    Cost-effective: Although mono perc panel costs are high, the enhanced efficiency justifies the capital expenditure. It also decreases the number of solar panels needed and installation costs. 
    Highly flexible: Mono perc solar panels come with better flexibility as the extra layers make them better equipped for low-light conditions and high temperatures. They generate power early during the day and continue to perform late till the evening. 
    Minimal modifications required: They require minimum modifications from manufacturing to installation. 
    Slow power degradation rate: They degrade much more slowly than traditional modules. Thus, they generate more electricity in their lifespan. They have a sustenance capability of more than 25 years.
     Higher energy density: Low energy cost with lower payback periods.

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    Save Electricity Costs
    Solar panels are fully customized to maximize return on investment according to clients’ actual demands.
    We will help you maximize the financial benefits so that you could save lots on electricity costs and you are able to sell the surplus electricity back to the power company.

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Femi’s flexible manufacturing line enables us to offer wide range of customization options according to client’s demands for solar panels. Where combining those options together allows us to achieve endless customization possibilities.
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