Comprehensive Solutions from Investment to Operation
Transform Idle Spaces into Long-term Stable Income with FEMI

· Idle Land

Gobi Desert,Lakes and Farms,etc

Partner with FEMI to utilize the vacant land, transforming them into efficient solar power plants. Revolutionizing Energy Production in Gobi, Lakes and Farmlands, Explore the possibilities of constructing photovoltaic power stations on Gobi, lakes and farms with FEMI's innovative solar energy solutions

· Earn& Save

Turn Your Unused Land into Money

Conversion of idle land into a long-term returns. Establishing joint ventures for solar power station operation and maintenance.

Reduce High Industrial Electricity Bills & Cost Savings

Implementing solar solutions through photovoltaic power stations. Significant reduction in industrial electricity expenses by harnessing clean and sustainable solar energy.

What FEMI Do?

FEMI offers an end-to-end solution encompassing investment, construction, development, and operation for seamless and successful photovoltaic power plant projects.

What You Do?

Partners only need to provide necessary paperwork for idle land.
Do You Possess Unused Land?
Anhui Femi New Energy is actively seeking partners like you to collaborate. We are dedicated to transforming underutilized spaces—be it industrial or commercial rooftops, sprawling farmlands, or any idle space—into highly productive solar energy sites. By joining forces with us, your dormant land can be transformed into a consistent source of income.

Anhui Femi New Energy delivers tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand that each site has its unique potential, which is why we emphasize a customized approach to our solar energy projects. Our expertise ensures that regardless of the size or location of your land, if it meets the minimum requirement of 6 megawatts, we can convert it into a profitable and sustainable solar power station.

Partner with Anhui Femi New Energy to capitalize on the benefits of solar energy. Not only will you generate a steady stream of income from your idle land, but you'll also be contributing to a greener, cleaner future. Our team is ready to guide you through every step of the process, from the initial assessment to the installation and beyond.

Let's unlock the full potential of your idle land together. Reach out to Anhui Femi New Energy today and take the first step toward turning your unused land into a valuable asset that supports both your financial goals and the environment.
Benefits of Collaboration: A Win-Win Proposition

Advantage of Zero Financial Costs

Eliminating Financial Barriers for Seamless Solar Projects
Dear potential partners, we understand your needs, and that's why we offer a significant advantage: zero financial costs. In the collaboration model of Anhui Femi New Energy, you only need to provide the necessary governmental documents and idle land. The primary project costs are covered by us. This means you won't have to bear high investments, reducing project risks and expediting the start of solar projects. We focus on your requirements and are committed to providing you with a financially stress-free collaboration opportunity.

Over 25 Years of Revenue Generation

Steady Long-Term Returns, Benefiting You Well into the Future
We pledge to bring you long-term and stable returns. Once the project is completed, you'll enjoy a revenue generation period of at least 25 years. This includes meeting your own electricity needs and allowing you to sell excess electricity to the grid, creating additional income. This implies that you can benefit from clean energy for an extended period, contributing to future economic and environmental sustainability.
Environmental Impact and Sustainability
Centralized PV systems play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the development of sustainable energy. By replacing fossil fuel-based power generation with clean solar energy, these systems significantly lower the environmental footprint. The long-term benefits of using centralized systems are profound, contributing to a more sustainable future by minimizing ecological impacts and fostering renewable energy growth. Anhui Femi New Energy is committed to this sustainable approach, continuously innovating and improving our PV solutions to meet the evolving needs of a greener world.
Working Principle of a Solar Photovoltaic Power Station

1. Solar Radiation

Sunlight, containing photons, radiates from the sun to the Earth.

2. Photovoltaic Cell Power Generation

Photovoltaic cells (solar cells) in the PV power station absorb sunlight.
Photons from sunlight strike the semiconductor material of the solar cells, exciting electrons.

3. Current Generation

The excited electrons in the semiconductor material create an electric current.
This process forms a direct current (DC), transforming solar energy into electrical energy.

4. Inverter Conversion

An inverter converts the DC into alternating current (AC) for transmission and use in the power grid.

5. Power Supply

The generated electricity can be utilized to power homes, industrial facilities, or fed into the electrical grid.
Components of a Photovoltaic Power Plant
A solar photovoltaic power plant is composed of several essential components that work together to harness solar energy and convert it into usable electricity. The key components of a photovoltaic power plant include:

Solar Panels

The primary role of solar panels is to capture sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. These panels consist of numerous solar cells, often made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon, which are efficient in converting sunlight into electricity.


After the solar panels generate electricity in the form of direct current (DC), it needs to be converted into alternating current (AC) for use in homes and businesses. This conversion is carried out by inverters, which are critical for integrating solar energy into the power grid or for direct use by electrical appliances.

Mounting Systems

These systems are designed to securely hold solar panels in place, ensuring they are optimally angled towards the sun to maximize energy capture. The mounting systems can be fixed or tracking; tracking systems move the panels to follow the sun’s path, thereby increasing efficiency.

Electrical Components

These include wiring, switches, and junction boxes, which are essential for safely transporting and managing the electricity produced by the panels.

Monitoring and Control Systems

Advanced systems to monitor the performance of the solar power plant, ensuring that it operates efficiently and safely. These systems can provide real-time data on power output and detect any issues that need maintenance.
Customer Case Studies and Testimonials
Successful Case Studies: Turning Dreams into Solar Reality

Case 1: Solar Transformation for a Metal Fabrication Facility

— Client: XYZ Metal Fabrication Facility
— Area: 10,000 square meters of roof space
— Achievements: Annual electricity cost savings exceeding $30,000, reducing 100 tons of CO2 emissions
"Anhui Femi New Energy helped us turn unused land into a sustainable energy source. Their expertise and commitment ensured the smooth operation of the project." 
- Owner of XYZ Metal Fabrication Facility

Case 2: A Clean Energy Future for a Farm

— Client: ABC Farm
— Area: 40 acres of farmland
— Achievements: Generating over 2,000 megawatt-hours of electricity annually, providing clean energy to the local community
We are extremely satisfied with the solar project at ABC Farm. It has not only lowered our energy costs but also contributed to environmental conservation. Thanks to Anhui Femi New Energy for their support." 
- Owner of ABC Farm



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