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Single Crystalline Silicon Solar Modules
M10/182mm Cell. 108 Half Cell Modules
The series of photovoltaic modules stands out through breakthrough innovation in large-sized M10(182mm) solar cells, achieving the highest power generation and lowest LCOE. This makes the series of 5 modules the best choice for large solar power plants. The application of Ga-doped chip technology can significantly improve the performance of LID, while the latest integrated segmented carbon strip technology can improve power output and enhance the reliability of the modules in long-term use. We assure you 25 years guarantee of product power, 12 years of guarantee of product quality.
Ideal for Small to Medium PV Projects and Residential Solar Systems
Our 405-420W PERC solar panels are meticulously engineered to meet the specific needs of small to medium PV projects and residential solar installations. Designed to maximize energy output in limited spaces, these panels are the perfect solution for urban rooftops, suburban homes, and small businesses in remote locations. Utilizing PERC technology, we enhance the efficiency of sunlight capture and conversion, offering a practical yet powerful energy solution to our clients.
Linear Warranty
Comprehensive Certificates
  • ISO9001:2015 
  • ISO14001:2015 
  • ISO45001:2016 
  • IEC61215&IEC61730
FEMI-NET 405-420W Monocrystalline Silicon
Structure Features
Type Mono Silicon
No. of Cells 108(6x18)
Dimension Dimension
Weight 21.5/25.5Kg
Front Thickness 3.2/2.0 mm coated tempered glass
Aluminum Frame Anodized aluminum alloy
Junction box lp68(3 bypass diodes)
Connects Cable 4.0 Square millimetre
300 mm (+)/400 mm(-)
Length can be customized
Plug-in Connector Mc4 Compatible plug connector
Maximum Mechanical Load 5400 Pa
Electrical Performance Parameters
Balancing Cost and Efficiency for Limited Space Installations

At Femi Solar, we've mastered the art of harmonizing cost and efficiency in our 405-420W PERC solar panels, designed as top-tier single crystalline silicon solar modules. Incorporating Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology, our panels are a testament to our dedication to minimizing power loss and enhancing the overall efficiency of our PERC modules. Our approach to design optimization and scaling production ensures a competitive cost per watt, positioning these products as the ideal choice for clients who prioritize both value and quality. The compact and efficient design of our single crystalline silicon solar modules ensures seamless integration into space-constrained environments, maximizing electricity output per square inch and offering unparalleled performance and reliability.
Enhancing Energy Self-Sufficiency, Reducing Dependence on Traditional Power Sources
For families and small businesses aiming to enhance their energy independence and reduce reliance on traditional power sources, our 405-420W PERC solar panels present an efficient solution. 
These power panels transform sunlight into electricity with remarkable efficiency, ensuring a steady power supply even on days with less sunlight. 
By adopting our high-efficiency solar panels, our clients can lower their electricity bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. 
Investing in solar technology not only boosts energy self-sufficiency but also contributes positively to the global energy transition.
Operation Parameters
Temperature Feature
Disclaimer: The electrical performance parameters in this product catalog are only used for comparison between different component types, and women donot guarantee their complete accuracy. Due to innovative research and product improvement, women have the right to adjust the information in this technicalparameter document at any time without prior notice
Application of Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Modules
  • High Efficiency Conversion Rate
The 405-420W PERC modules utilize monocrystalline silicon solar modules, which, due to their uniform crystal structure, provide a higher photovoltaic conversion efficiency compared to polycrystalline silicon modules. This means that under the same lighting conditions, monocrystalline silicon modules can generate more electricity.
  • Stability and Durability
Not only do monocrystalline silicon solar modules exhibit high efficiency, but they also demonstrate better stability and durability over long-term operation, ensuring a high return on investment for solar projects.
Full-Screen Technology Enhancement
  • Enhancing Light Capture Capability:
By optimizing the surface area of our modules to maximize light absorption, we've dramatically improved the conversion efficiency of our solar panels. This advanced optical design minimizes frame shading and expands the area that captures sunlight, making it exceptionally suitable for our PERC modules. The result is a more effective utilization of solar energy.
  • Increasing Electricity Generation:
The strategic optimization of our module's surface structure allows for an increased capture of sunlight throughout various times of the day, leading to a substantial boost in overall electricity generation.  With Full-Screen Technology, Femi Solar continues to set new standards in the solar industry
Low Degradation Rate
  • Longer Lifespan:
Thanks to the advanced manufacturing techniques and materials used in our PERC modules, they exhibit a significantly lower annual degradation rate. This means that over time, the solar panels we produce maintain high performance, providing our customers with continuous and reliable energy output.
  • Economic Benefits:
The lower degradation rate translates directly into long-term economic benefits, as these modules generate more electricity over their lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacement and associated costs. We always prioritize the needs and experiences of our customers, ensuring that they receive the highest quality and most durable solar energy solutions available.



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