560-585W TOPCon
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Single Crystalline Silicon Solar Modules
M10 / 182mm Cell . 144 Half Cell Modules
The series of photovoltaic modules stands out through breakthrough innovation in large-sized M10 ( 182mm ) solar cells , achieving the highest power generation and lowest LCOE . This makes the series of 5 modules the best choice for largesolar power plants . The application of Ga-doped chip technology can significantly improve the performance of LID , while the latest integrated segmented carbon strip technology can improve power output and enhance the reliability of the modules in long-term use . We assure you 25 years guarantee of product power , 12 years of guarantee of product quality.
Linear Warranty
Comprehensive Certificates
  • ISO9001:2015 
  • ISO14001:2015 
  • ISO45001:2016 
  • IEC61215&IEC61730
FEMI-NET 560-585W Monocrystalline Silicon
Structure Features
Electrical Performance Parameters
Packing Parameters
Operation Parameters
Temperature Feature
Disclaimer: The electrical performance parameters in this product catalog are only used for comparison between different component types, and women donot guarantee their complete accuracy. Due to innovative research and product improvement, women have the right to adjust the information in this technicalparameter document at any time without prior notice



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