Tianjin Distributed Photovoltaic Power Station
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Tianjin Distributed Photovoltaic Power Station

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Efficiently utilizing untapped rooftop space, this project focuses on deploying a distributed photovoltaic power generation system on the idle roof of a factory building, boasting a total area of approximately 27,000 square meters. The integration of solar panels ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to power generation.

System Design and Capacity

Taking transformer capacity into account, the design incorporates 2,600 solar panels, with a combined capacity of 1.4MW, effectively accommodating the entire generated power. The envisaged service life of the photovoltaic power station spans 25 years, projecting an annual average power generation of around 1.57 million kWh and a cumulative output of approximately 39.25 million kWh over the 25-year period.

Status quo:

status quo

Roofing Structure: Colored Steel Tile Roof

Given the factory's roofing composition of colored steel tiles, the photovoltaic modules are meticulously designed for flat installation, seamlessly integrating with the color steel tile roofing structure. This approach optimizes energy absorption while preserving the integrity of the roofing materials.

Component layout diagram:

Component layout diagram

Infrastructure Requirements: Anti-Rust and Anti-Corrosion Measures

Recognizing the outdoor setting, the project mandates anti-rust and anti-corrosion measures to enhance the longevity and durability of the installed solar panels. Additionally, the integration of outdoor distribution boxes is crucial to facilitate efficient electrical management.

Operational Mode: Self-Use and Grid-Connection of Surplus Electricity

The photovoltaic power station is strategically designed to operate in a dual mode – self-use and grid-connection of surplus electricity. This ensures flexibility in power utilization, allowing for self-sufficiency while also contributing any excess energy to the grid, promoting sustainability and potential economic benefits.

The emission reduction effects of this project are as follows:

First year emissions reduction

Cumulative emission reductions over 25 years

Save standard coal (t)



Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (t)



Reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions (t)



Reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions (t)



Reduce smoke and dust emissions (t)




By leveraging the expansive idle roof space of the factory building, this initiative not only harnesses the potential of solar panels for clean energy generation but also addresses environmental concerns through thoughtful design and operational strategies. The combination of longevity, efficiency, and a dual operational mode underscores the project's commitment to sustainable energy practices within industrial settings.



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