Femi New Energy Shines at the Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Industry Expo in Guangzhou
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Femi New Energy Shines at the Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Industry Expo in Guangzhou

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The "2023 World Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Industry Expo" hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Solar Energy Association successfully concluded at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall from 8th to 10th August. Anhui Femi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. made its debut with multiple high efficient modules, attracting numerous industry exhibitors as well as buyers of solar products from all over the country and overseas to explore business opportunities and jointly discuss the innovation and development of future green energy.

01 Going Straight to the Exhibition Site!

Attracting a large number of visitors and overseas merchants to stop at the distinctive booth


02 Photovoltaic Modules Exhibited at Femis Booth

At this exhibition, Femi New Energy debuted with multiple high efficient modules and energy solutions, providing terminal users with more reliable and guaranteed efficient solutions that can meet the clients’ application needs based on different scenarios such as domestic and foreign households, industrial and commercial rooftops, and ground power plants.


Femi New Energy has always been committed to the innovative development of photovoltaic technology, showcasing high-quality solar products at the Guangzhou International Photovoltaic Exhibition. In the future, Femi expects to continue to promote the development of the photovoltaic industry, adhere to innovation and integration of industry resources, relentlessly improve the quality and technical level of solar products, and provide clients with reliable and high efficient photovoltaic solutions.

03 Deep Participation in PV Industry

The 2023 Guangzhou International Photovoltaic Exhibition has attracted the attention of global photovoltaic industry experts and merchants. Photovoltaic power generation is expected to become the main energy source for achieving the goals of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" in the future. As a new driving force in the solar industry, Femi New Energy will continuously introduce higher conversion rates, more reliable solar products and one-stop industry solutions, leverage its professional and integrated operational advantages, optimize its main business, and adhere to the combination of technological innovation and business models so that we can empower the high-quality development of the photovoltaic industry!



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