Anhui Huangshan Rooftop Distributed Photovoltaic Power Station
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Anhui Huangshan Rooftop Distributed Photovoltaic Power Station

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In an innovative initiative, this project capitalizes on the preliminary estimation of 14,000 square meters of available roof space, integrating the power, roofing, and electrical conditions of the factory area. The primary objective is to design and construct a solar photovoltaic system with a capacity of 1.4894MWp. The project maximizes the utilization of idle rooftops, allocating specific capacities for various sections, including 0.1672MWp for factory buildings, 0.5033MWp for processing workshops, and 0.819MWp for assembly and finished product workshops.

Rooftop Photovoltaic Design

The rooftop photovoltaic power station adopts a color steel tile roof structure, with the installation of silicon solar modules strategically anchored on color steel tile foundations for stability. Initial calculations indicate the potential installation of 2,708 550W components, resulting in an impressive system installed capacity of 1,489.4kWp.

Self-Use Strategy

Emphasizing self-use, the project aligns with sustainability goals by generating and utilizing solar power on-site. The compensation metering point for power generation is strategically set at the grid connection point, while electricity sold is monitored at the user's power distribution gateway. This approach optimizes energy efficiency and supports the dual objectives of self-sufficiency and potential revenue generation.

Diverse Rooftop Capacities

Distinguished by functional areas, the project strategically allocates photovoltaic capacities to various sections of the factory, showcasing a holistic approach to solar integration. The capacities designated for factory buildings, processing workshops, and assembly/finished product workshops reflect a comprehensive utilization strategy.

Technological Considerations: Silicon Solar Modules

Within the rooftop photovoltaic design, silicon solar modules play a pivotal role in transforming sunlight into electricity. The integration of cutting-edge silicon solar technology ensures efficiency and reliability in energy conversion, contributing to the long-term success of the project.

The emission reduction effects of this project are as follows:

First year emissions reduction

Cumulative emission reductions over 25 years

Save standard coal (t)



Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (t)



Reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions (t)



Reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions (t)



Reduce smoke and dust emissions (t)




By leveraging idle rooftop space and employing advanced solar technology, this project demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to sustainable energy integration. The comprehensive design not only optimizes the installation of solar panels but also strategically allocates capacities across diverse functional areas. This dual-pronged strategy, focusing on self-use and potential electricity sales, underscores the project's commitment to environmental responsibility and long-term energy efficiency.



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