1.98MW Distributed Photovoltaic System in Changde City, Hunan Province
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1.98MW Distributed Photovoltaic System in Changde City, Hunan Province

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Harnessing the untapped potential of idle rooftop space, this project focuses on installing a distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation system on the factory's vacant roof area, totaling approximately 28,000 square meters. The utilization of solar panels in this initiative ensures sustainable energy production and efficient space utilization.

System Design and Capacity

In alignment with transformer capacity considerations, the project plans to install 3,600 solar panels, generating a total capacity of 1.98MW and ensuring full energy absorption. The designed lifespan of the PV system is 25 years, with an annual average energy output of around 1.948 million kWh. Over the 25-year period, the cumulative energy production is estimated to reach approximately 48.693 million kWh.

Subsystem Planning and Configuration

To optimize the energy capture process, the PV system is strategically divided into multiple subsystems based on building distribution and corresponding installed capacities. The choice of crystalline silicon modules, arranged in series of 16 to 20 pieces, ensures efficient power conversion. Each subsystem is composed of solar panels with a single-unit power of 550Wp, distribution cabinets, and string inverters. To maintain economic viability and appropriate capacity ratios, 50-60 kW string inverters are selected for each subsystem.

Before installation of photovoltaic modules:

Before installation of photovoltaic modules

After installation of photovoltaic modules:

After installation of photovoltaic modules

Utilizing Rooftop Structure: Color Steel Tile Roof

Considering the structural characteristics of the factory's rooftop, covered with color steel tile, the PV system design incorporates two installation methods: flat placement and tilted installation. These approaches maximize energy absorption while seamlessly integrating with the color steel tile roofing structure.

Long-Term Sustainability and Green Energy Impact

By leveraging the idle rooftop space of the factory, this project not only taps into renewable energy through the installation of solar panels but also contributes to long-term sustainability. With a 25-year operational lifespan and a substantial cumulative energy output, the initiative showcases the potential for green energy adoption within industrial settings.

The emission reduction effects of this project are as follows:

First year emissions reduction

Cumulative emission reductions over 25 years

Save standard coal (t)



Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (t)



Reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions (t)



Reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions (t)



Reduce smoke and dust emissions (t)




The integration of solar panels on the factory's rooftop not only transforms unused space into a source of clean energy but also aligns with the principles of sustainable development. This forward-thinking initiative emphasizes the importance of adopting renewable energy solutions within industrial contexts, setting a precedent for eco-friendly practices and energy efficiency.



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